Thermodynamic recovery

Il recupero di calore termodinamico è un sistema che consente il trasferimento di calore e/o umidità tra un flusso di aria di espulsione ed un flusso di aria di immissione

The new heat recovery units are distinguished by twin heat recovery system for transferring the energy otherwise lost when extracting air from the room: the first system, static type, by aluminium plated crossflow heat recovery, the second system (in sequence to the previous one) by electric driven air-to-air R410A heat pump device. Therefore, by a single independent system and at the same time, it can match the needing of ventilation while ensuring room comfort, the outside air thermal loads and the energy saving, due to the very high unit efficiency, both on winter and summer time.


The CFR-HP air renewal units are characterized by the adoption...

Recupero termodinamico - CFR-HP


All fresh air unit with heat recovery combined to heat pump system by twin refrigerant circuits.

Recupero termodinamico - CFR-HPS


HEXA fresh air handling units are distinguished by twin heat...

Recupero termodinamico - CFR-HEXA


All fresh air unit with enthalpy heat recovery combined to heat...

Recupero termodinamico - CFR-HPW


The CFR-HPEI heat recovery units are distinguished...

Recupero termodinamico - CFR-HPEI