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 All fresh air unit with enthalpy heat recovery combined to heat pump system by twin refrigerant circuits.

• Heat pump mode with low external temperature without pre- heating (with RMS option).

• Complete built-in electronic control.

Series of 4 models for floor or roof installation, composed of:
• Frame made from extruded aluminium alloy bars, connected by 3-way reinforced nylon joints.
• Sandwich panels, 48 mm thickness, galvanized steel inner skin and precoated outer skin; 45 kg/m3 foamed polyurethane heat and sound insulation.
• Wide surface ePM10 50% efficiency synthetic filters on both air intakes; in addition on supply air, ePM1 50% rigid bag filter; air filter pressure switches included.
Rotary adsorption aluminium heat recovery, with molecular sieve; by-pass management for free-cooling or free-heating.
In option, heating mode RMS defrosting chamber with damper and servo actuators: all heat exchangers are quickly defrosted without discomfort and heat pump working up to -15°C fresh air temperature.
• Air-to-air heat pump system (R410A) composed of two electric driven on/off scroll compressors, evaporating and condensing reversible finned coils, electronic expansion valves, liquid receivers, 4-way reversible valves, low and high pressure switches, biflow freon filters and liquid indicators; single variable flow inverter driven scroll compressor on CFR-HPWI range.
Direct driven backward curved centrifugal plug fans with EC motors; constant air flow function available in option.
• Built-in electric box complete with electronics and control panel.



Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

Cardboard box ( if necessary for packaging components to be assembled )BoxPAP 20