Strategies and partnerships for sustainable energy air conditioning.
The need for more rational and sustainable energy usage is the driving force behind evolution in SIC, and steers the development of our advanced technology products.

SIC (Sistemi Integrati Condizionamento) designs, produces and sells systems and equipments for cooling, heating and treating air,
and offers a wide range of solutions for residential applications (home), commercial applications
(shops, hotels, bars, and offices) and industrial applications.

Thanks to a professional, dynamic and expert team, SIC has succeeded in just a few years in establishing consolidated commercial partnerships with leading international manufacturers. Today SIC represents an essential point of reference for anybody choosing or installing air conditioning and treatment systems. Our constant use of advanced technology has always been inspired by the demand for more rational and sustainable energy usage, which is also the force driving and steering evolution in SIC. SIC’s heat recovery systems and heat pumps, for example, are conceived and designed to use energy in the most rational way possible.


SIC has been playing a major role on domestic and export markets for air conditioning equipment for many years now. SIC plays an especially important role as partner of various leading brands on the European panorama, and as a knowledge centre undertaking constant research and development.

Well ahead of the competition, SIC has developed product technologies that guarantee significant energy savings. These technologies are destined to see more and more common use in construction standards as a result of the rising cost of primary energy sources and recently introduced legislative measures. Energy saving through the reduction of energy wastage is rightly seen as one strategy for sustainable development. Our consolidated experience allows us to tackle the challenges of our sector with unique competence. SIC not only interprets but anticipates market requirements and always delivers quality and competitiveness. Obviously a successful binomial.


That is why, ever since SIC began to work, we have always offered a complete range of heat recovery systems alongside our conventional ventilation and fan coil heating products. SIC’s heat recovery systems ensure efficient ventilation by re-using a large part of the energy contained in extracted air in both cooling and heating modes. Our product range is completed by heat pumps for high-efficiency heating, cooling and hot water production.