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HEXA fresh air handling units are distinguished by twin heat recovery system, together with a summer fresh air indirect adiabatic water cooler which helps to reduce the installed power.

Thanks to high efficiency scroll compressors (variable flow inverter driven type as an option) and EC motor fans, the purpose of heat loads & ventilation control is always to achieve as the highest system efficiency as the highest reduction of energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

These units, equipped with the needed additional treatment optional systems, may be a stand-alone plant solution or can well integrate central heating/cooling systems, both series and parallel layout.

HEXA series is composed of five sizes, double deck version only, to cover a needing of fresh air from 2800 up to 15500 m3/h. 

The models of HEXA series can be fitted with a ionization system of the air called BIOXIGEN®. This system, unique in his type, makes the air and surfaces of the machine, of the ducts and of the bordering rooms healthy and good smelling.


Series of 5 models to cover up to 15500 m3/h airflow rate, for floor or roof installation, composed of:
• Frame made from extruded aluminium alloy bars, connected by 3- way reinforced nylon joints.
• Sandwich panels, 48 mm thickness, galvanized steel inner skin and precoated outer skin; 45 kg/m3 foamed polyurethane heat and sound insulation.
• Wide surface ISO 16890 ePM10 50% efficiency synthetic filters on both air intakes; in addition on fresh air intake, ePM1 50% rigid bag filter; ePM1 50% air filter pressure switch included.
• Fresh air indirect adiabatic water cooler (on summer mode), composed of flock PVC pack, water diffuser and recirculation electric pump; reuse of the summer condensation water.
• High efficiency air-to-air crossflow aluminium heat recovery, already equipped with motorised by-pass device for free-cooling.
• Air-to-air heat pump system (R410A) composed of two separate refrigerant circuits with electric driven on/off scroll compressors, evaporating and condensing reversible finned coils, electronic expansion valves, liquid receivers, 4-way reversible valves, low and high pressure switches, refrigerant filters and liquid indicators; on CFR-HEXAI single variable flow inverter driven scroll compressor as an option in place of standard ones.
Direct driven backward curved centrifugal plug fans with EC motors; constant air flow function available in option.
• Built-in electric box complete with electronics and control panel.



Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

Cardboard box ( if necessary for packaging components to be assembled )BoxPAP 20