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The CFR-HP heat recovery units are distinguished by twin heat recovery system for transferring the energy otherwise lost when extracting air from the room: the first system, static type, by aluminium plated crossflow heat recovery, the second system (in sequence to the previous one) by electric driven air-to-air heat pump device.

Therefore, by a single independent system and at the same time, it can match the needing of ventilation while ensuring room comfort, the outside air thermal loads and the energy saving, due to the very high unit efficiency, both on winter and summer time.

Together with their compact dimensions, the characteristics of these units make the plant installations easier, especially when they are really difficult (and much more expensive) by using common heating/cooling systems.

In the new guise, the CFR-HP allows even greater accessibility the electrical panel for easier maintenance.

These units can be perfectly integrated into traditional room heating/cooling systems, placed in sequence or in parallel.

CFR-HP series is composed of seven sizes, horizontal version only, to cover a needing of ventilation from 350 up to 4500 m3/h.

Also available the series CFR-HPE with EC fans and CAV (Costant air volume) logic control.

The models of the series CFR-HP can be given with a ionization system of the air called BIOXIGEN®.

This system, unique in his type, makes the air and surfaces of the machine, of the ducts and of the bordering rooms healthy and good smelling.


Series of 7 models for ceiling installation, composed of:
• Frame made from extruded aluminium alloy bars, connected by 3- way reinforced nylon joints.
• Sandwich panels, 23 mm thickness, galvanized steel inner skin and precoated outer skin; 45 kg/m3 foamed polyurethane heat and sound insulation.
• Wide surface ISO 16890 COARSE 55% efficiency synthetic filters on both air intakes; as an option, ePM1 70%.
• Air-to-air crossflow aluminium heat recovery.
• Air-to-air heat pump system (R410A) composed of electric driven on-off compressor, or variable speed DC inverter compressor on CFR-HPEI, evaporating and condensing reversible copperaluminium finned coils, electronic expansion valve.
• Full-range controlled direct driven double inlet centrifugal fans.
• Low consumption EC technology motors on CFR-HPE / HPEI and constant flow regulation mode for 100-450 models; on CFR-HPEI variable air flow by air quality sensor option.
Built-in electric box complete with electronics and control panel.
Possible water or electric integration.



Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

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