Heat pumps

Heat pumps represent one of the most competitive ways of implementing a sustainable energy policy. Heat pumps develop significant heating or cooling energy for only a limited consumption of electrical energy.

They function on the principle of heat exchange with the surrounding environment, and use the clean, renewable heat energy transferred to the water, air and ground by solar irradiation. Heat pumps technology can be used for air conditioning and hot water production. Heat pumps also create ideal synergies with high efficiency systems like radiant panel heating and cooling systems and solar collectors. Because there is no combustion process, there is no risk of gas leaks and no need for fume removal. Very little building work is required too, because heat pumps do not need flues or dedicated machine rooms.


Heat pumps COMPACT use the thermal energy of the air...

Pompe di calore per acqua calda sanitaria - COMPACT CRE


The HelioCOMPACT system produces domestic hot water using a heat pump and a thermodynamic solar panel

Pompe di calore per acqua calda sanitaria - Helio COMPACT