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The HelioCOMPACT system produces domestic hot water using a heat pump and a thermodynamic solar panel of latest generation to obtain high performance and constant throughout all time, by day and by night.The process takes place in the most effective and profitable way, with C.O.P. up to 5 (average). The energetic advantage of the heat pumps HelioCOMPACT, therefore, allows to safeguard the environment, using above all the energy of the solar radiation. This safe and effective process uses the combination of a roll bond panel and a thermodynamic module to obtain exceptional performance and save up to 80% energy compared to an electric or combustion water heater. Easy Installation, safe, quiet, reliable operation, low maintenance are the other benefits of this highly ecological and economic system.
The functioning principle is the following:
• The refrigerating fluid changes its state in the evaporator taking heat from the low temperature source (the external air).
• The compressor, that is the heart of the system, makes the energy level of the taken heat higher: in fact, the refrigerating fluid, by increasing its pressure, reaches temperatures near to 90°C.
• In the condenser it is possible to give thermal energy to the domestic hot water, warming it until 60°C. The storage tank allows storing up and keeping for a long time the heat, thanks to insulating shell in polyurethane 50mm thick.
• Crossing in the expansion element, the fluid returns to low pressure, cools down and it is available to “load” other “ecological” heat again from external air.
The thermodynamic solar panel uses all the possible heat capitation mechanisms:
• solar radiation, direct or diffuse
• natural convection, from air and wing
• conduction, from air, rain, and snow


Series of 2 models (standard HC-PEL, HC-PWW) composed by a tank with nominal capacity of 270 liters and a thermodynamic solar panel that uses all the possible heat captation mechanisms:
• Solar radiation, direct or diffuse.
• Natural convection, from air and wing.
• Conduction, from air, rain, and snow.
• In this way the HelioCOMPACT system overcomes the energetic limits of the usual heat pump and the thermal solar panel.
• Steel tank with double layer vetrification.
• High thickness foamed polyurethane insulation.
• External lower cover in grey ABS.
• Air-to-water heat pump system (R134a) composed of hermetic reciprocating compressor, condenser wrapped outside the boiler free from fouling and freon-to-water contamination, external evaporator as anodized aluminium thermodynamic solar panel; upper cover in black ABS.
• Auxiliary electric heater automatically switched depending on outside air temperature.
• Anti-corrosion magnesium anode.
Auxiliary coil for use in combination to boiler or solar panels (HCPWW).
• Double-faced thermodynamic solar panel in eloxed aluminium.


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