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The U2W series is made up of 7 sizes that cover a range of flow-rates from 720 m3/h to 4530 m3/h.

The units are extremely compact, allowing them to be installed in the small spaces that are typical of residential and commercial installations.

The units are available starting from base modules complete with coils and an electric fan that is removable from below for inspection.

Two versions, horizontal type only, are available:

• single skin, U2W/S.

• double skin, U2W/D.


Series of 9 models to cover up to 8000 m3/h airflow rate, for falseceiling or special on-sight horizontal installation, composed of:

• Galvanized sheet metal casing internally insulated with polyethylene and polyester sheets (with further internal sheet metal for double skin version).

• 3-, 4- or 6-row main water coil with copper tube and aluminium fins, provided with galvanized steel (stainless steel as an option) internal drain tray.

• Possibility of further optional 1-row internal water coil.

• Forward curved double inlet single or double fan directly driven by single phase 3-speed motor.

• Optional filters adequate to the requirements of the installation.

• Electric box for connection to main power supply and control panel.



Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

Wooden palletPalletsFOR 50
Cardboard interlayer ( if present )Cardboard interlayerPAP 20
BagBagLDPE 4
Bubble wrapBubble wrapHDPE 2
Stretch filmStretch FilmLDPE 4
Pallet strapStrapPP 5
Fragile and/or transparent adhesive tapeAdhesive tapesLDPE 4