ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi

ReVent SPT

SPT single point heat recovery unit

• Innovative 3-layer filtration
• High efficiency DC fans
• Compact & ultralight

The device must be installed by a qualified technician.

€249,00 (VAT excluded)

Offer for professionals only
Special conditions for purchases over 10 units

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Technical features

Reversible EC-Fan:
The reversible axial fan with a EC motor. Due to the applied EC technology the fan is featured with low power consumption and silent operation. The fan motor has integrated thermal overheating protection and ball bearings for long service life.

• Ceramic Energy Regenerator:
The high-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regeneration efficiency up to 97% ensures extract air heat recovery for warming of supply air flow. Due to the cellular structure the unique regenerator has a large air contact surface and high heatconducting and heat-accumulating properties. The ceramic regenerator is treated with an antibacterial composition which prevents bacteria growth inside of the energy regenerator. The antibacterial properties last for 10 years.

• Air Filters:
The two integrated air filters with total filtration rate G3 provide supply and extract air filtration. The filters prevent ingress of dust and insects into the supply air and contamination of the ventilator parts. The filters also have antibacterial treatment. The filter cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner or water flushing. The antibacterial solution is not removed. F8 filter is available as a specially ordered accessory, but when installed, it reduces the air flow down to 40 m³/h.

Data sheet

MODEL 2000
Nominal air flow rate m³/h 20/42/64
Electrical power supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50-60
Maximum electric power input W 12
IP Class - IP22
Type of installation - Wall mounting
Thermal efficiency % 92%
Sound pressure level dB (A) 36


Structure - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi

LED display

LED display - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi
1 - 2 - 3 : LED Indicator

• The three leds only show the same color at the same time, which you can turn off the led by the remote controller.
• The green shows as air supply. The red shows as air exhaust.
• The yellow shows as automatic mode which is changed in 65s between the air supply and the air exhaust.
• 3 speed fan control for lighting the number of the led. The LED light is switchable.

Remote control

Remote control - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi
Supply mode - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi Supply mode
Ventilation mode - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi Ventilation mode
Exhaust mode - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi Exhaust mode
Fan speed increase - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi Fan speed increase
LED light switch - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi LED light switch
Fan speed decrease - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi Fan speed decrease
ON/OFF - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi ON/OFF

Operation modes

Ventilation Mode. The ventilator runs in the air extract or air supply mode with a set speed. In case of synchronous operation of two connected ventilators one unit operates in the supply mode and the other one in the extract mode.

Regeneration Mode. The ventilator runs in two cycles, 65 seconds each, to provide heat and moisture regeneration.
Operation modes - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi


MODEL 2000
A mm 205
B mm 60
C mm 230 〜 420
D mm 129
M mm 85
N mm 40
Dimensions - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi


Operation - ReVent SPT - SIC Sistemi
The polluted warm air is extracted from the room and while passing the ceramic energy regenerator, the recuperator will absorb the heat and moisture. In 65 seconds, as the energy regenerator gets warmed, the ventilator automatically switches to the supply mode.

The fresh, but cold outdoor air flows through the heat regenerator and absorbs the accumulated heat and moisture so that the temperature of supply air flow will close to the room temperature. In 65 seconds, when the energy regenerator gets cold, the ventilator switches to the air extract mode. The cycle starts from the beginning.
€249,00 (VAT excluded)

Offer for professionals only
Special conditions for purchases over 10 units

ReVent SPT

Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

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