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The FBX-D series ventilating units are ventilating chambers with suitable soundproofing to use in small and medium ventilation systems.

Dual-intake fans are used, with statically- and dynamically-balanced impellers to minimise vibrations and noise.

The different combinations of fans, the motor polarity and power supply mean that the range covers a field of flow-rates from 800 to 7,000 m3/h with static pressure of up to 400 Pa.

The high working static pressure values also allow the use of very long ducting.


Structure made from galvanized steel sheet metal (stainless steel as an option) with polyethylene sound insulation.

Direct driven double inlet centrifugual fan.


Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

Wooden palletPalletsFOR 50
Bubble wrapBubble wrapHDPE 2
Stretch filmStretch FilmLDPE 4
Pallet strapStrapPP 5
Fragile and/or transparent adhesive tapeAdhesive tapesLDPE 4