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The FBE series horizontal air extraction/distribution units feature compact dimensions and easy assembly.

They can be installed in false-ceilings for residential and commercial applications.

The FBE series is made up of 5 models that cover a range of flow-rates from 900 to 4.300 m3/h.

Three-speed centrifugal fans are used, with statically- and dynamically- balanced impellers to minimise vibrations and noise. The high working static pressures allow the use of ducting for the extraction or distribution of air in a series of rooms.


• Structure made from Aluzink sheet metal sound insulated with polyethylene and polyester layer.

• Direct driven double inlet 3-speed centrigual fan.


Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

Wooden palletPalletsFOR 50
Bubble wrapBubble wrapHDPE 2
Stretch filmStretch FilmLDPE 4
Pallet strapStrapPP 5
Fragile and/or transparent adhesive tapeAdhesive tapesLDPE 4