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Dehumidifier in combination with radiant system.
Moisture removal up to 36 kgIday.
Isotherm or cooling version.
Ceiling horizontal or recessed wall vertical mounting.
Series consisting of 8 models, two of which recessed wall vertical and four horizontal, all isothermal with and without cold integration and two horizontal in cooling only version, consisting of:
• Zink sheet metal casing, internally insulated.
• Intake air ISO 16890 COARSE 50% synthetic filter.
• Water precooling and evaporating coil with copper tube and aluminum fins, provided with hydrophilic treatment.
• For isothermal version (DHS), water condensing and post-cooling coil with copper pipes and aluminum fins with hydrophilic treatment
• Water plate exchanger for only cooling version (DHS-C) or for integration version (DHS-I).
R134A reciprocating hermetic compressor and expansion capillary.
Super silent forward curved double inlet fan directly driven by single phase 3-speed motor (one wired).
• Electronic PCB with display and leds for management and control of all operating functions.



Packaging disposal

We invite you to always check the provisions of your Municipality regarding separate waste collection.

Wooden palletPalletsFOR 50
Corrugated cardboard boxBoxPAP 20
BagBagLDPE 4
PolystyrenePolystyrenePS 6
Stretch filmStretch filmLDPE 4
Pallet strapStrapPP 5
Fragile and/or transparent adhesive tapeAdhesive tapesLDPE 4