• Galvanized steel self-supporting panels, internally and externally insulated; accessibility from side door.
• ISO 16890 ePM2.5 95% efficiency class filter with synthetic cleanable media and COARSE 50%pre-filter on fresh air, COARSE 50% filter on return air intake.
• Integrated pressure switch for dirty filter signal.
• Motorised heat recovery by-pass device, automatically controlled by unit control to use fresh air free-cooling when convenient.
• Low consumption high efficiency & low noise direct driven fans with 3-speed EC motors.
• Duct connections by circular plastic collars.
• Built-in electric box equipped with PCB to control fan and by-pass function.
• Supply section for VRF system complete with DX (R410A) coil with copper tubes and aluminium fins, fitted with thermostatic valve, refrigerant filter, sensors on liquid and gas line, temperaturesensors upstream and downstream airflow
• Built-in PCB to control fan speed and air temperature (possible remote control panel as an option), flexible interfacing to the AHU kit.


Air flow

Air flow - CFR micro DX

CFR micro DX

Packaging disposal

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Wooden cageCageFOR 50
Cardboard interlayerCardboard interlayerPAP 20
Bubble wrapBubble wrapHDPE 2
Pallet strapStrapPP 5
Iron clipsIron clipsFE 40