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Bioxair Home

BioxAir is the only duct sanitization system that reduces the microbial load in the air and on surfaces, using tested and certified Bioxigen® technology.
It guarantees benefits for people, by reducing the risk of contagion due to the spread of bacteria, and the environments, by limiting the growth of mould on walls and ceilings.

Planned for an easy installation in new or already existing air canalizations. There are different models to cover the whole range of air flow rates. Products are sized according to duct dimensions and air flow rates.

The insulation of the electronics and the plenum allows a considerable reduction of the noise emitted and the possible condensation produced, with considerable benefits for domestic acoustic comfort and easy installation.


Tests have demonstrated the benefi ts of applying this technology,guaranteeing:
• microbial reduction
• deodorization
• improvement of the indoor air quality
Highlighting reductions up to 99% of the bacterial load.

For more information about Bioxigen: www.bioxigen.com