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BIOXIGEN sanitization and air deodorization system

Bioxigen® is a unique, innovative and certified air sanitization and deodorization system.

Bioxigen® technology releases active ions removing continuously airborne microbials and reductions of specific volatile organic compounds (VOC) from indoor air environment and surfaces. It is used in all fields where it’s necessary to prevent and reduce chemical and biological contaminants (health care sector, food industry, residential, and commercial buildings).
Bioxigen® is designed for direct applications in enclosed spaces or inside the air handling unit or in the air flow to sanitize the ducts.

Bioxigen® technology obtained TÜV system efficiency test validation.

The effectiveness of Bioxigen® system has been verified in different fields from important Research Institutes and Universities, among them there are University of Padua (environmental medicine department), University of Udine (alimentary science department).

Bioxigen® is employed at the beginning in sensitive environments,
such as hospitals and social welfare structures where the risk of nosocomial infections is high. The use of the technology has been extended to alimentary industry, highly controlled environment at microbiological level. Now professional devices are adopted in civil buildings, hotels, shops and private residences or integrated in other devices. During the years the innovation has brought to define high quality materials and constructive characteristics to reproduce the best sanitization with low energy consumptions.