Home sanitization in VMC systems

BioxAir is the only duct sanitization system that reduces the microbial load in the air and on surfaces, using tested and certified Bioxigen® technology.

Deodorize, remove bacteria and moulds, reduce allergenes and dust.

BioxAir products can be fitted on both new and existing ductwork. Moreover, in traditional ventilation systems, a lack of appropriate maintenance dangerously increases the risk of contamination; BioxAir, on the other hand, guarantees effective prevention, continuously controlled, 24 hours a day. All BioxAir products come with a system that monitors the sanitization process and controls unit operating status.
Specifically, an electronic system warns the user in the event of malfunctions or a decline in product effectiveness. To simplify maintenance operations, the alarm signals can be forwarded to a remote system. Low power consumption, from 6 to 18 Watts, makes the BioxAir series highly versatile and environmentally-friendly.