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Humidity and CO2 sensor

The solution to increase the performance of the ventilation system, minimizing electricity consumption.

Sensors for controlling the mechanical ventilation units ReVent series.

Speaking of climate comfort, it is natural to think of temperature as the main parameter for well-being in environments, whereas in the buildings of the last decades the presence of a ventilation system with heat recovery has become a fundamental requirement to maintain the desired temperature conditions and to ensure a healthy environment.

The mechanical controlled ventilation units (VMC) ReVent PRH and ReVent MRN introduced in the market by SIC are made up of high density expanded polypropylene is an innovative solution for the construction aspects and the functionality.
Low-consumption (EC) motors, high-efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing properties combined with lightness, structural strength and elasticity make these units an example of industrial "eco-design".
The radiofrequency control makes installation easier and meets the needs of the entire supply chain, designer, installer and user.

With the introduction of humidity sensor accessories (USW), and CO2 sensor (QSW), unit performance is further increased.

The humidity probe recommended for kitchen and bathroom and carbon dioxide for the night and living area are equipped with a button that allows you to select, if necessary, a specific ventilation range from automatic to manual mode.
The LEDs on the probes indicate the operating mode and any diagnostic signals such as the filter cleaning warning.

The absence of wiring allows the expansion of the system even in the post-installation phase, it is possible to associate several sensors of different types.

Thanks to these sensors, the ventilation regime automatically adapts, during the day to the actual air change requirements, reducing consumption to a minimum.