CFR+ V / CFRE+ V - CFR+90 V / CFRE+90 V

The CFR+ heat recovery units are distinguished by a special aluminium air-to-air counterflow heat recovery exchanger.

• Vertical layout with an unique inspection side, adjustable direction of suction air flow on site.

•Case made by sandwich panels 23 mm thickness, galvanized and prepainted outer skin; 45 kg/m3 density foamed polyurethane as heat and sound insulation.

•Full-range controlled direct driven double inlet centrifugal fans; low consumption EC technology motors on CFRE+ V.

•Constant air flow fans available on CFRE+100V - 500V.

•Filtering sections composed by cell filters with polypropylene media, extractable from side removable panels, ISO 16890 ePM1 55% efficiency for the fresh air flow, and ePM10 55% efficiency for the exhaust air flow.

•Integrated pressure switch for dirty filter signal.

•Built in by-pass facility.

•Condensate drain pan with water drain connection downwards, that ensure a total drainage.