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NEW HEAT RECOVERY UNITS Thermodynamic with variable flow blcd compresor

Seven models available in horizontal version to cover a VENTILATION REQUIREMENT from 300 to 5400 m3/h: flexible in operation and very high efficiency.

Plus of heat recovery units with variable flow BLDC rotary compressor SIC CFR-HPEI

The CFR-HPEI units are characterized by the adoption of a double energy recovery system. First stage: static realized by means of an air-air cross flow heat exchanger in aluminium. Second stage: active via a reversible air-to-air heat pump

The CFR-HPEI heat recovery units are distinguished by the adoption of a twin heat recovery system, otherwise lost during the extraction of the stale air. This allows, with a single independent system, to simultaneously satisfy the ventilation need while ensuring the room comfort, the reduction of the thermal loads associated with it and the energy savings, thanks to the very high overall efficiency, both in winter and summer.