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The evolution of residential heat recovery units

Technical and technological updates combined with very high-performance conservation: the ReVent-MRN series.

The new range of products, with high commercial potential, is an update of the MRH series, which is unchanged electronically but is different for its innovative structure in PPE. This material represents a turning point from the sheet metal used for the previous models: lightness, constructive and aesthetic precision add to the strength and sturdiness of traditional materials.

The new units are therefore characterized by their lightness, compactness and very high heat recovery efficiency, a feature that makes the commitment of post fresh air-treatment systems practically superfluous.

Another important update is the presence of the Ethernet-RF network bridge, which allows interfacing the unit with external devices through connection to the network, which can be controlled remotely thanks to the to a dedicated application. The PCB module also allows the wireless connection between the unit and various accessories, such as the remote display, the user interface, the CO2 and humidity probes, motion sensors and VOC. The expandability of the PCB module allows you to add new probes, sensors and interfaces quickly and easily.