Production of domestic hot water from air thermal energy.
High energy efficiency.
Guaranteed operation at adverse weather conditions also.
Automatic insertion of auxiliary electric heater.
Possibility of interface to alternative energy sources.

Series of 2 models (standard CS-PEL, CS-PWW), composed of:

Internal unit (Tank) with double layer vetrification including:

• Condenser wrapped outside the boiler free from fouling and freon-to-water contamination.

• Auxiliary coil for use in combination to boiler or solar panels (CS-PWW).

• Integrated NTC probe for water temperature check.

• Anti-corrosion magnesium anode.

• High thickness foamed polyurethane insulation.

• External lower cover in grey ABS RAL 7001.

• Monophase 1,5 kW electric heater.

External unit including:

• Air-to-water heat pump system with ecological Gas R134A.

• High efficiency rotary compressor.

• Air evaporating finned coil.

• Low noise helicoidal fan.

• Electronic expansion valve.

• Hot gas injection valve.

• Safety pressure sensors.

• Capped valves for indoor unit connection.